Frequently Asked Questions

There should always be a lot of work involved in figuring out how to access something as useful as an employee portal.

Considering this, Northside Hospital staff members should have little to no trouble logging into the MyNorthsideHR login interface.


The login process just takes a few seconds for those who have previously signed up for account access. All they need to do is input their employee ID and password before hitting the submit button.

To begin the account recovery procedure if a password is lost or forgotten, click the “Forgot your password?” link and provide an Employee ID and email address.

Users of the My Northside HR portal who are experiencing problems with the password might want to be aware that the account will be locked after five unsuccessful tries to get in.

To receive assistance from the nursing care nurse and from subsidised benefit programs, log in to the MyNorthsideHR site.

You can check your vacation time, make payments for it, and add additional users. Nurses and other healthcare professionals might benefit greatly from this Mynorthsidehr portal.

  • If you have any problems using the Northside Hospital site, who do you need to speak to?

For further information, please contact us at (404) 851-6500.

  • When can I expect my W-2 form to be mailed to me?

Through the Employee Portal Self-Service, you can submit a request for your W-2 tax form. During a pay period, employees may use the site to access their tax information on their pay stubs, make tax payments, and download a PDF version of their W-2 form.

  • In how many different places can you find Northside Hospital?

Northside Hospital has expanded to become Georgia’s largest medical facility. Five hospital campuses and hundreds of off-site amenities mean you may find the ideal setting for your professional development and personal life.

  • Which hospital is better, Emory or Northside?

The Emory Healthcare System includes the standalone clinic Northside Primary Treatment. The medical services it offers are among the best in the region.

  • Is there a retirement programme at Northside Hospital?

Northside Hospital is the only local hospital that provide a pension programme. As long as you are an employee, they will set aside funds for your future retirement.

  • Was Blue Cross Blue Shield no longer accepted at Northside Hospital?

Northside Hospitals has established a partnership with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia so that its insured patients can get care at Northside Hospitals.

  • The average daily birth rate at Northside Hospital Atlanta.

On average, roughly 15,000 babies are born each year at Northside’s main hospital. As a result, it’s the busiest hospital of its kind in Georgia and the other 49 states.

  • What are some common perks for workers?

Health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as life and retirement savings plans, are common examples of such perks. But there are additional incentives that businesses might provide for their employees.

  • What is Northside Hospital’s age?

Northside Hospital Atlanta, a major medical facility, first opened its doors in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in 1970. Since then, the hospital has expanded by 421 beds and now employs over 12,000 people, including more than 3,000 medical professionals.

  • What makes Northside Hospital an employer of choice for me?

Fantastic environment and sense of teamwork! There are a lot of people on Northside’s team, but they all make you feel welcome. Everybody wants to pitch in and help out. The management emphasises a healthy work-life balance to its employees.

  • Who heads Northside as its chief executive officer?

One of the recipients of Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees Choice Award is Robert Quattrocchi, CEO of the Northside Hospital health system. This ranks him as the 32nd best CEO in the United States.

  • When did the Atlanta branch open for business?

Atlanta’s provision of patient care commenced in November 2018.
Who can you ask for help if you get stuck while using the Northside Hospital staff intranet?
For further information, please contact us at (404) 851-6500.