My Northside Hospital Benefits

Northside Hospital provides its workers with a generous benefits package that includes 11 different types of compensation and time off. The benefits package also includes help paying for college, medical insurance, and vision coverage.


Workers generally rate the perks and advantages they receive from their employer at 83 out of 100. Northside Hospital employees who have been there for five to 10 years or who started in an entry-level position feel they have the greatest benefits and bonuses available. However, Native American and non-binary workers view them as the worst of the worst.

Mynorthsidehr Employer-sponsored retirement plans may be an important means of ensuring that retirees have access to a reliable income in their later years. Northside Hospital offers defined benefit and contribution pension plans to its staff.

At the age of retirement, participants in a defined benefit plan get a predetermined payment. Employers can encourage workers to save and invest for retirement via defined contribution pension plans.

Northside Hospital Employee Benefits

  • Get all your financial and health-related statements in one convenient spot, from health insurance to pay checks to benefit statements. You may also view information on your direct deposit, as well as reminders for any forthcoming advantage elections.
  • See whether there have been any changes made to your account info by logging in and checking.
  • If they are available online, look for your most recent tax return, tax forms, and W-2s from the prior year.
  • Get emails notifying you of changes to your benefits, such as health insurance premiums or your HRA contribution limit, that may affect you in the near future.
  • Alter your account’s security questions and answers and more.