Mynorthsidehr Netlearning

MynorthsideHR Netlearning is an easy-to-use and secure platform available to those working in the human and health services industry.

The intuitive interface makes it possible to access useful resources for personal and professional growth without having to leave the house or workplace.


More than 800 courses designed to advance professional development are available to Mynorthsidehr Netlearning subscribers.

Adjustments were made to the system so that healthcare organisations may use it effectively. Newly enacted laws and regulations, current market trends, and expert recommendations are all covered.

In addition, it offers comprehensive online courses on a variety of issues facing the business today, including patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, medical ethics, and more.

MyNorthsideHR Netlearning is a wealth of useful resources that may be put to use immediately.

The training materials on the platform may be utilised in combination with these resources, such as document templates and work aids.